business excellence center.


The consortium of entrepreneurs that will own the Master License, will change the world of business, province by province.


In a nutshell:

  • Together with the consortium of entrepreneurs you can manage your Business Excellence Center, even with a strategic alliance with a local CPA, in order to create synergies in the area.

  • The accounting firm and auditors chosen in agreement with the entrepreneurs holding the Master License (together with you) will help you position the center as a Business Excellence Consulting Firm in the area. (The partner studio dedicating itself above all to management control), while you position yourself as a Business Excellence coach and as a Trainer in your local Masterclass, called excellenceCLASS (already only with this core product, retaining 100%, forever, you become totally independent at an economic-financial level). Your focus will be to strategically and tactically support the entrepreneurs who have set up the excellenceCOACH Center for Business Excellence with you.
  • You are trained with the specific excellenceCLASS for our coaches on soft skills which will then be your task to transfer with your excellenceCLASS to entrepreneurs, in order to build solid foundations and put them in the best conditions to win on the market and so that they continue to learn having finally clear (thanks to you) the framework of business management in its essential macro-areas.

    You will do it starting from the excellenceCLASS, 3 days (LIVE version), but above all over time, supporting the entrepreneur as a reference coach. It will be here that the entrepreneur will seriously learn to put into practice and understand the system, thus deciding to improve, with you, continuously.

  • We will certify you as a Trainer of the excellenceCOACHes' Masterclass: once you have obtained the Master License and trained in the excellenceCLASS we invite you to acquire the first fundamental external certification, Blue Ocean Strategy, if it is not already in your possession. In fact, many advanced coaches have already acquired this certification, which is essential for us.
  • In addition to your local excellenceCLASS (which is an annual repeat business, a basis for new ones, an update for those who have already trained), you also earn with the implementation in client companies of ICT services consistent with the strategy outlined with you. The work will be done by our partners, remotely or on-site, you earn various percentages based on the type of intervention, automatically, thanks to an affiliate program that keeps everything recorded and shows progress and commissions online, in real time, confidential in your account.
  • The excellencePATH and the excellenceFORUM. The first is the national event that this time we will probably hold 100% online, here the Italian entrepreneurs who are customers of our coaches, create relationships and listen to experts in strategic thinking, marketing and various topics in the field of Business Excellence. As the main business excellence coach trained by the consortium that owns the Business Excellence Center the 38% of the cost of the tickets is your profit, you don't have any important costs to bear here either. You get the same income by distributing the ticket for excellenceFORUM, reserved for entrepreneurs who want to weave relations with foreign countries and expand with foreign partners, also here we will have international gurus (with simultaneous translation) and the possibility of creating business relationships and friendships with foreign entrepreneurs. This event will take place overseas (Los Angeles) as soon as the restrictions from Covid-19 are completely removed, or it will otherwise take place 100% online, live, with our US partners based in Los Angeles.

  • Business Excellence Center exclusive plaque (when fully operational there will be only 110 guide centers in all of Italy). Value: incalculable – it depends on your province and the turnover that you will build over time, even by unlocking your coaches in downline in more peripheral areas of your province. Like you, they will be able to work with Italy and abroad, as a Master License and you keep 4% from them.
  • Soon, up to 8 entrepreneurs from the various consortiums that acquire their own exclusive Business Excellence Center's Master License (in one or more provinces) will be able to reach the headquarters of the International Excellence Community CLUB (, and also many business destinations, just by booking an end-to-end flight with us by an Agusta Westland AW609 helicopter (a super safe “convertiplane” that has also been tested for military missions), therefore without any hassle or need for the entrepreneurs and members of the consortium to land or take off from intermediate stops in the various airports. We guarantee the possibility for the IEC club's members that will acquire a Business Excellence Center's Master License, or for their representatives, to land and take off anywhere in Italy and worldwide, even in the most dispersed and forgotten areas of the 54 African States, thanks to the absolutely unique mix of strengths and over the top security features guaranteed by the ultimate aviation jewel, the legendary Agusta Westland AW609, you can read about this excellent aircraft on the Agusta official website:

business excellence center.
Business Excellence Center


  • The first step will be your participation in the specific excellenceCLASS for trainers who will have to literate and level up entrepreneurs, if you haven't read the brochure yet, here is the link: download from here
  • ExcellenceCLASS Master Trainer certification
  • Blue Ocean Strategy certification through our partner, INSEAD
  • Dedicated excellenceCOACH website
  • We will looking for a business consultancy firm (auditors) present in your province, with which you can create synergy.
  • Together with the staff of Dr. Luca Bove we will position you as a center for business excellence, creating this new category in your province. In the first six months you already receive web traffic from entrepreneurs and interested businesses so that you immediately have a list of interested contacts who will refer to your website and your phone number.
  • Free material to feed your interested contact list with exclusive Business Excellence content. You will have two options: comment on the monthly slides provided by us with your voice and record, we will tell you how, or let a resource of our staff do it by simply meeting customers and keeping your excellenceCLASS. The material will always be personalized with your name, link to your website and with the indication of your center for business excellence.
  • Free participation in national (Rimini / Milan) and European / foreign (London / Los Angeles) training events with American experts and simultaneous translation (value: incalculable, earnings on the tickets you provide to entrepreneurs and professionals, both online and offline).
  • System Integration support (for you it's free of charge, your business customers will pay a fee); creation and sending of ad hoc video tutorials to meet specific needs of strategic implementation of the best business procedures designed for the company you serve (automatic earnings based on the type of ICT implementation carried out remotely or on-site on your client's website or directly in the office through specialized technicians).

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