Warning: in order to receive your access password, please write via email to: auctions@excellencecenter.it with subject “144000” and let us know which geographical Master License Auction are you interested in. 

Acquiring of a Business Excellence Center and start Train and Coach your first Business Excellence Coach Ambassador

(passive big incomes also possible)

How to Own and Control a Business Excellence Center in synergy with an exclusive CPA (or auditor accountant firm) and our young Business Excellence Coaches Ambassadors in one province or more provinces of planet Earth.

Business Excellence Center : Master License Auction

You will own a territorial exclusive Master License and its related Business Excellence Center. As Business Excellence srls, if you win the auction we will train the first young human resource in order to train and coach business owners (worldwide), and you will start earning a very BIG ROI when you invest to establish a Business Excellence Center with our EXCLUSIVE Master License.

If you prefer, you can participate to all training and coaching online and live sessions in order for you to meet your guys path and to see how your avatars (young Business Excellence Coaches ) work on the playground and online.

We will assign a separated license to an Advisor Accountant in order to help entrepreneurs in his / her areas to remove any obstacle in doing business and in order to support entrepreneurs in tax optimization and in saving cash for business operations and related affairs.

You can also buy this explosive business as a consortium entrepreneurs, or also as a single investor that owns a focused company, your business excellence center that grows and develops businesses in your province.

You could also rent a Netherland Company or a UK Company, or any Country Company, in order to own and control one or more Business Excellence Center, in any province of the world, or, you are free to use an Italian company, srl or spa.

This is a business in a box ideally suited to individuals, investors or professionals / entrepreneurs wanting more balance, professionals wanting to escape the corporate 9-5, or for people looking for a fresh start in something exciting & disruptive.

You can decide to operate as an entrepreneur (active BIG incomes) or as an investor (passive BIG incomes). In both cases you need a company or to rent a company in order to manage your Business Excellence Center with our EXCLUSIVE Master License for the territory.

You can be involved as an entrepreneur or , you can be just an investor, or a consortium of investors that have business or financial interests in the province / county where you want to establish your Business Excellence Center.

For example, if you have business or financial interests in Japan, you could add a Business Excellence Center in Tokio, we've friends in Japan too and we can connect our CPA experts with Japanese CPAs experts, their role as business partner and professionals is to make any businessman and businesswoman with 100% NO hassle while they grow, and you can start soon by making Business Twinning between different countries' provices.

You can get our Master License for a province at your choice and control your Business Excellence Center , by operating online and offline thanks to one or more REAL physical business excellence coaches that will be your business avatars or your business extensions, potentially worldwide.

SO, you will operate ON the business and not into the business. Working ON the business is better and much more scalable for you to thrive! 

Your Business Excellence Coaches will be unique and they will manage the excellence CLASS ™ in their territories and online, worldwide. They will use the SEMPRE ™ Method and other exclusive apps we design to help entrepreners to aim excellence, in a Kaizen vision of continuous improving.

Your 100% online company can be based in Amsterdam, or in UK, Germany, Dublin, United Arab Emirate, or anywhere you can create a 100% online company, or just a rented company, and if you want to operate just as an investor we will manage all the boring staff for you, and you'll just get the amazing ROI. If you win the auction w e can show you how to rent or establish a company in the European Union and manage it remotely, even from your home and even without a boring office.

You can use your Business Excellence Center (The Advisor Accountant's office) to meet customers and clients de visu, if you want, or you can just let your Business Excellence Coach to meet your customers and clients there.

You will just get your ROI paid simply and you can decide together with us the right strategy to implement in any country where to establish a new real and physical Business Excellence Center, thanks to our CPAs partners network, that work also as office hosts.

We will be your team and we will speak and meet with you by email, WhatsApp, phone, even live if you want to join as an entrepreneur, also if you are no so much skilled in Business Excellence and marketing operations.

By simply speaking with us, during the time, you will understand Business Excellence like a PRO and you will always make better business decisions together with us.

We're entrepreneurs connected with an official global CPA and Auditors-Accountants Network, also certified with INSEAD and in partnership with WOBI , GKIC , and Clickfunnels.com (our favorite content and training partners and our best tools to create sales funnels).

The auctions linked below are for each Italian province, but this opportunity allows you to start this repeat business with a Netherland / UK (German / UAE or other countries' company we can manage for you after assigning it our exclusive Master License about your Business Excellence Center and our INSEAD Blue Ocean Certificate and our Business Excellence certificate to your very first coach ambassador.

We can also suggest you the best Italian province (based on the number of inhabitants and the number of businesses) still available for your 100% online and with no hassle Dutch or UK, German, UAE or Irish Company you want to simply open online to start this business FAST.

LOOK, if you are NOT an Italian Citizen, you will get 2 Master Licenses, one for your native province or a province of your choice (worldwide), and one for an Italian province at your choice, like Milan province, Venice province, etc … (In order for you to make Business Twinning very fast!).

Learn How You Can Take Advantage Of An Online Opportunity In An Industry Worth BILLION DOLLARS!

You will also get your own Business Excellence Center and Consulting firm website in your own language, and also in Italian and in English and we will start distribute your ROI in the second semester of activity. So you don't have to wait 3 years to get your ROI.

We can give you all the informations you need.

You don't need to become a Business Excellence Coach and your business will always be scalable, we train a young human resource with INSEAD, WOBI, Clickfunnels.com and Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle skills, we supervise this young human resource that will operate as a professional consultant connected to your own Business Excellence Center (established inside an accountant-advisor's office) . Yes, the real phisical office will be established inside an important CPA / accountant firm in the provinces at your choice , and you'll control that Business Excellence Center by your 100% online company, or by a company you already own.

Auction Price Starts at: € 144,000

You don't only get your province's Master License but also 1 Business Twinning: between 2 provinces, your province and a province at your choice in the world.

You will start a profitable collaboration with a CPA / Auditor-Accountant based in the province where you established your Business Excellence Center and your coaches we train in your province will interact and make deals with your Italian Customers and Clients and also with Customers of another Business Excellence Center in another province of the planet (Business Twinning).

Each Business Excellence Center works with Business Excellence Coaches trained by us and with CPAs or Auditors-Accountants that make EXCLUSIVE synergy with our guys on the playground, got it?

After the 107 Italian provinces will have their business twinning running with provinces abroad, then you can continue the investment to make business twinnings between ANY provinces worldwide with NO LIMITS.

Auction Base Price for one Master License: € 144,000

What it is Included after you win:

  • First Business Excellence Coach training and coaching

  • Supervision by our board for the first 6 months

  • We find a CPA (Accountant-Auditor) in your province that approves our Vision and Mission to build a better world through better entrepreneurs and CPAs.

  • Supervision in Business Twinnings Deals

  • Global business available for our members supported by our Business Excellence Coaches

  • Unlimited new coaches unlocked after the first ones reached their best and maximum potential.

  • First annual fee of 12,000 euros

  • Exclusive Master license to open a Business Excellence Center (plaque included)

How your Business Excellence Coaches (trained by us and our partners) make money, how they become free and independent, and how they support the kaizen approach in their territory:

Each Business Excellence Coach recovers the annual fee of 12,000 euros quickly, here's how:

EXAMPLE 1 (PHYSICAL local excellenceCLASS): with only 4 entrepreneurs trained in the ‘basic' excellenceCLASS, revenues € 10400 + VAT (Our business model allows the young coaches on the ground to retain 100% of the revenue). Costs to be deducted: from 100 to 390 euros (for slide printing / exercises). You, as our coach, will have the same printing costs in subsequent years with the excellenceCLASS ‘update' , PHYSICS, live (for entrepreneurs already trained in the macro-areas of Business Excellence but to be updated every year);


EXAMPLE 2 (ONLINE local excellenceCLASS): training 5 entrepreneurs in the online ‘base' excellenceCLASS, you earn € 9500 + VAT net, zero costs for you because in this case we keep the excellenceCLASS (online on our server and at our expense) while you keep the 100% of the income and remains available to trained entrepreneurs for tailor-made consultancy via email / telephone / Skype / partner commercial firm.

So, no costs for you also for the excellenceCLASS ‘update' (online version): it's a annual update class (totally via web) for entrepreneurs already trained in the macro-areas of Business Excellence but to be updated every year by following our kaizen vision of continuous improving.

Once the annual fee amount has been recovered, our young Business Excellence Coach, through us of the Board of Business Excellence srls, will return to the owner who won the auction the € 12,000 of the first annual fee, that is included in the auction assignment price paid by the winner of the same.

So, for example, if you won the auction at 288000 euro, you will have back 12000 euro from your first coach, so you paid your bid just 276000 euro.

Each new coach you will add in the future will pay you the annual fee to the Business Excellence Coach owner in order to remain a licensed coach of the network.

From the second year, the owner of the Business Excellence Center (the winner of the auction) has to pay a Master License annual fee to us (Business Excellence srl) at a pre-fixed and not changeable price of 12000 euro.

The winner of the auction must immediately send a 5% deposit immediately after winning the auction, then the remaining payment will be paid no later than 7 days after, both 2 payments (5% + 95% of the winning bid) must be made by using the account indicated below:

Banca Sella SpA

Branch of SPONGANO (LE) Italy

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to: Business Excellence srls 

IBAN Code: IT 96 I 03268 80040 052689619300  

ABI: 03268

CAB: 80040


Reason: Master License for “Auction title”

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