Well, this topic is really precious to be understood because I've a CPA and Auditor friend in Italy, Dr. Pierdamiano Tondo, who advised me and other entrepreneurs to try this move to resolve the inflation issue that make people to not reach the end of the month too many times.

This is the system this noble professional (very VERY rare in Italy) suggests:
creating an alliance or a club between entrepreneurs in a certain specific location, for example a State, a County or a neighborhood, depending on the level of the implementation you want to do, of course the neighborhood is the best choice if you want to test first, then you can make scaling to county > state > nation > etc

His idea is simple but powerful:
if all of us as entrepreneurs study how to improve the value of our products and services without augmenting the production and distribution costs, then we can, together, as a consortium of entrepreneurs or a club:

1) Doubling the value of our products (look, with no extra costs for the end user);
2) Allowing consumers and businesses to buy our products 50% off;
3) We can then make a PRIVATE Agreement where we decide that the 50%-off will circulate as CASH “coupons”, as a Double Dollar real paper you can touch and all of us inside the circle (b2c, b2g, b2e, c2c) accept in a free and independent private decision, in the club, got it?

That noble man and top-notch professional of Studio Tondo in Lecce (a trusted CPA firm with 100% integrity) has tested and researched this solution, and… it works! Already experimented in a sort of financial laboratory years ago in Abruzzo Region, University of Teramo 🙂

Above all, the Good News is that it is 100% legal and 100% law compliant to be applied by us with our exclusivity PRIVATE business model (Double Dollar business model), because I've spoken with tax agents and with financial tax police, there in Italy, also on the street with tax police agents on car, not only at the Italian-IRS, and also here in the US the exclusive assets and business model we engineered for the execution is 100% legal, so, in general by speaking also with friends of China, Russia, UK, Morocco, Lebanon, Mexico, California, Nevada, Michigan, Texas, France and, YES, in all the 54 African States (we have real friends hyper skilled and in contact with CPAs and it's 100% legal, for our assets and intellectual property assets) to execute the same strategy in Africa, so, we are finally 100% ensure it is a business model we only are able to execute thanks to our proprietary assets (built in 20 years) practically everywhere, in any continent, as a private business circle/club :), and you are invited to participate brother!!! 🙂

Yes, I'm so much excited and it is due to the fact the US Dollar and the Euro are about at the same value from many time and the prices in the USA are in average about the Double than Italy (for example), so we can achieve this experiment in the marketplace with a normal private business model advised also by the super serious CPA I've mentioned directly here in the USA because here imho it is more necessary to lower the prices, I tried for example to buy a box of pasta, and also if I buy a cheap (but very good) Kroger selection made in the USA, the cost is DOUBLE compared to Italian prices of La Molisana (the best Italian Pasta's brand) and this new anti-inflation system studied by our Chief CPA is 100% feasible in the US and worldwide.

Of course we have many pasta's brands that cost less, like “Divella” in Apulia Region for example (a little bit a lower level compared to La Molisana's brand) but also with the highest price of the premium Italian brands like La Molisana, if you compared it with the Kroger cheapest US pasta's brands, the US pasta brands in general cost DOUBLE, so here for US people eating good food is very expensive, but it's not all about food & beverage only, I'm living here from a couple of months and inflation at a real local street level is a serious issue and we could give a reply to the marketplace as companies, the state (also in Italy and in Europe, everywhere) must be far from the free marketplace, otherwise the innovation that improves our happiness as consumers (that is the mission of any genuine and serious business) remains blocked like in Italy, by the state and mafias, by high taxation, by too many and unclear rules, by certain banksters lobbies that don't understand that entrepreneurs like me and you want to leave more money in the bank (to earn more passive interests) and less money on the marketplace to run our businesses.

When we want CASH, yes the blessed smelled CASH (please, if my English isn't perfect I will correct myself asap by learning English, sorry about that but I have no so much time to correct it…) and we need less commissions to pay at the ATM withdrawal, but also to send money to another company that make businesses with us, that's why the UK financial innovation are not blocked like in Italy, they have created for example the Direct Debit system that have far less commissions for the banks compared to Paypal or Stripe, another proof that THE REAL FREE MARKETPLACE can fix hassles and not too much state and related taxes, here in the US taxation is low thank God, that's why I'm here, in certain European Countries it exceeds the 60%, so you work there 40% of the business year for your company and your family, the other 60% for the state, that is unfair and above all illegal.

Due to the fact we decided to live in the USA for the low taxation then I'll start this anti-inflation system suggested by my CPA friends and now by my US CPAs and friends here in the US with their supervision about the execution of the strategy.

These are the steps:
1) The entrepreneurs interested in participating in this test will be putted on a business directory called THE DOUBLE DOLLAR CIRCULAR ECONOMY CLUB, with the only committment to aim for excellence and to build a specific mix of points of strengths that make their business unique, just a couple of funny and simple exercises for which our Coaches & Drivers can help for free

2) then, we can engage with Kroger and other very good grocery stores with their suppliers (yes, they can elevate the price and then cut the 50%)

3) all people can buy that 50% of value with free coupons called Double Dollars (it's because the system double the value of your money)

4) In case some product has already a double price due to inflation we work with that business owner, also big companies, in order to deal payments with Double Dollars for the 50% of the price

5) all consumers and businesses will have their own “coupon bank account” in order to better exchange the Double Dollar Value

6) Each one can receive free of debt Double Dollars, as consumers, and if you are a business owner, also a specific reserve inside your own, free of debt, business account with Double Dollars ready to be used for your business.

The link to join the project locally, at a very grass-root marketing level, will be available here very soon, please have patience 🙂

Anyway for the first 3 months will be open only to Chicago citizens' selected neighborhoods, after that the system will be deployed to the marketplace, worldwide.

Pretty cool right?

Also, he didn't suggest this anti-inflation solution to earn money, but just as a professional advise he give to mayors and states administrators.

As soon as the link above is active, join the club of Double Dollars and position your business in the International Excellence Club, we can help you in expanding your business in other States and abroad, fast!

Stay tuned,

P.S.: and, if you are an entrepreneur/CEO/member of a board/manager or leader ask for an excellence COACH & Driver at your side (forever), because as Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt teach, anybody needs a coach to achieve excellence in any specialty, not only in sports.