As the pandemic persists and continues to change lives on a global scale, and as economic conditions for entrepreneurs continue to be uncertain, it's important to revisit the power of resilience. This precious human attribute throughout history has helped people, everywhere, overcome difficult conditions and has helped many to literally change the world.

Although you may think it's an exaggeration, there are countless examples of human resilience that have led to great changes.

Nelson Mandela, first president of South Africa, Gough Whitlam, Australian, Prime Minister Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, and Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States; Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, the one who brought a huge innovative force in the defense of Life, Freedom, even of speech, but also in the ruthless (and just) war against the culture of death. 

It certainly wasn't less Bush Senior and Bush Junior, or Bill Clinton.

They are all high-profile examples of leaders who have made informed decisions, we are apolitical and therefore impartial, we do not judge the political current these leaders were part of, but objectively, as leaders, they were free, decisive and independent, even going beyond his own political current and beyond certain interests of the Rothschilds, the “famous” refined minds (too refined and too unfair, let's face it)….

But thank God the leaders have not been overthrown by ideologies on race, nor by political ideologies, nor by sex, this too is a weapon, unfortunately very dangerous, it has been cleverly used to try to tame those who govern, even scandals (artificial), built at the table to try to bring down those who work seriously.

But we could also mention a great 100% Italian  pro-American, former President Silvio Berlusconi, it was his great resilience and that sacred fire within every entrepreneur, which allowed him, as a great leader, to remain alive above all, but also lucid, in full strength, as well as capable of still giving entrepreneurial suggestions and consistency to a political class victim of the worst criminals and worst interests, even of misguided parts of the Vatican, by the usual “refined minds”, so to speak….</ p>

Let's not underestimate the effort of these leaders, often all the blame is unjustly passed on to them (to cover up the inhuman mistakes of others), but certain false accusations last up to a certain point, then the Truth, the real one, wins always. 

Each of these stories of leaders shows us that “carrying one's courage to the breaking point” (Shakespeare's Macbeth, 1605) is a means to one's good ends, even those that change the life of customers and stakeholders.

Many entrepreneurs, in addition to doing business, for example give a tenth of their profits to Africa, others fight for other equally just causes, this is the real salt (or real pepper) of life, not other nonsense.< /p>

Less known but equally notable influencers who have used resilience to get ahead include: Jim Thorpe, Hazel Scott, Cesar Chavez, Yuri Kochiyama and Toussaint L'Ouverture. Each of these unrated leaders have disallowed certain hurdles, mafias or other mediocre people who got in their way, to stop them. If you read in English, click on the link and take a look, you will benefit greatly as an Entrepreneur.

Not everyone can have a huge global impact on society, but everyone (especially entrepreneurs) has the power to have a big impact on our personal and professional lives, but also on the lives of our clients. Serving customers is the evergreen mission of entrepreneurs.

In fact, entrepreneurs can transform their corporate cultures by instilling a sense of resilience in the organization in the face of great challenges.

The example also comes from the great generals of the army, or of the Italian carabinieri, of the French gendarmerie, and also a leadership expert like Brian Tracy, often brings us these examples in his books.

Brian Tracy studied the history and biography of the great generals, Napoleon, Cooper, Samuel, Johnston, Albert Sidney, Lee, Robert Edward, Joseph Eggleston, Beauregard, Roosevelt, the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, or the history of the United States of yesteryear, the legendary and colossal Roman Empire, with the invincible Scipio Africanus and many other Commanders of the Empire… The story of these leaders can teach a lot to entrepreneurs and, especially entrepreneurs like it, it is easy to connect the key steps of the business moves with the action of these commanders in war.

Just the day before yesterday I bought some Sicilian arancini here in my area, Puglia, while chatting with the owner some memories of our military life came up, so I told him that when I was in Palermo for military service, in the carabinieri , Sicilian vespers, it was still a very difficult time in Sicily, magistrates still at risk of being assassinated by vile mafiosi and “refined minds” (as Falcone called them) based outside Italy.

Well, the perennial gesture of the generals who guided us made a lot of sense, in practice they didn't have dinner and lunch in a room dedicated to them, as has always been seen in military circles, but, incredibly, my former partner and I class, Donato Casarano (also in Antonio Ingroia's escort in Palermo), we noticed that these great generals of the Battalion and of the Sicily Region, dined and lunched with us simple soldiers, same food, same drinks, same sweets, same location (the kitchen of the barracks), as I said, with excellent Sicilian arancini whose taste cannot be forgotten, if you are a gourmet. By the way, thanks to the chef of the Carabinieri of those years!

Why did the great generals have dinner and lunch with all of us soldiers? Simple, they demonstrate closeness to the military, ready to take to the war field, if necessary, with us.

Someone will insinuate: so why don't the great Trumps, Silvio Berlusconi, Obama etc etc do the same thing if they are leaders?

The problem is that 1) the world works by specializations, 2) the generals of politics, having obligations to have a media presence, are too famous, so they would have serious problems being in a crowd of people, moreover conditioned by the usual ” talk without a badge” and often from fake news.

Military generals, on the other hand, being less famous, can often afford, at least in the barracks, to have dinner and lunch with their boys, a bit like giving them a nice pat on the back, say, in the middle of the battle (in the in my case it was the Sicilian Vespers) which were and always remain with us, as if they were simple soldiers.

The goal of these generals is equally clear: not to take your eyes off the road. Maintaining focus on the final mission and vision of one's organizational goals is essential.

Do you remember any management and marketing books in the style of Michael Porter or Peter Drucker ? Yes, a lot of business literature derives exactly from military strategies. Precisely for this reason Brian Tracy studied them and created a business university that you can access now, immediately, with a click, if you understand English.

However, the greatest satisfaction was the reaction of the person in charge of selling the Sicilian arancini when I told him that finally even in Puglia we feel the authentic taste of true Sicily, it is in fact since the military times that I have not felt the true taste of traditional arancini Made in Sicily, the recipe is exactly the same, and also the know-how, then they indulged themselves with numerous recipes, but I assure you that if you want to taste a corner of Sicily, here in Puglia, you must not miss the arancini of Arancineria Siciliana, in Maglie (LE) , right on the street in front of Bar 2001 (another Magliese excellence), near Banca CREDEM.

Just think that this splendid town, in the good old days (80s/90s), had a density of shops per inhabitant even higher than that of the city of Milan, classified at the time as second in Italy, while Maglie (LE) (about 15,000 inhabitants) was in 1st place on the podium, source: Corriere della Sera.

Returning to the challenge of entrepreneurs, ” The brain has a very different mechanism for recovering from daily annoyances. And with a little effort, you can improve its ability to recover from the negative aspects of life ” ( Goleman, 2011).

To build resilience in you and your team, consider these key steps.

  • Focus on positive relationships. If the current core group you work with is negative, defeatist, or apocalyptic, it might be time to find a new group or more inspiring voices.
  • Make your health a priority. If you suffer from illness, chronic pain or emotional turbulence, you cannot exercise resilience successfully, unless you have that so-called “negative imbalance”, which is also talked about by many young people with 110 cum laude, also very committed to Africa, which you know how to use in a positive way, for example by eliminating any enemy or obstacle that works against your team and your objectives…. In that case the success is double…. 
  •  Solidify your goals and truly define your WHY</em . If you don't have a clear goal driving you to a desired outcome, you're just spinning the wheels… Dig deep and find what moves, inspires, and motivates yours to build on those pillars for yours (and theirs). resilient fortress.
  • Get support and practice a positive mindset every day. Be more receptive to change and avoid considering setbacks as failures.

Harvard Business Review defines resilience in terms of mindset and offers these instructions for giving yourself a RESET when you no longer feel motivated. “Indulge in cognitive intervention and counter defeatist thinking with an optimistic attitude” (Goleman, 2011).” (Goleman, 2011).

1: Go to your ‘Happy Place', a simple, quiet place where you can step away and eliminate distractions so you can get back on track. Meditation might work or you can just take a short walk outside to recharge your batteries. For example, we traditional Catholics use the Weapon of the Holy Rosary every day, in Latin, try to learn it, the recharge that comes from the Most High, in our opinion it is the most powerful ever. Indeed, I'll tell you something, it's a practice that even Buddhist friends, in some way, implement, many of them are not aware of who God is, the One who saved us 2000 years ago, but He listens to them anyway, as they teach traditional Catholic Priests. 

2: Focus on your posture and stress level. A slouched and incorrect posture can indicate that you are headed into a negative headspace. Stretch, move, and keep breathing to help you reset.

3: Keep breathing, be aware of the rate of your breathing and how it changes during times of heightened stress. If you can be more aware of your breathing even in the most tense situations, you can lower the anxiety and uncomfortable nature of the situation.

4: Practice all of the above and repeat often.

Once you can give yourself a “circulatory shock,” your brain can more effectively process solutions to pressing concerns.

“Resilience is about our ability to pick ourselves up after falling down and put things back together when everything falls apart. It's an essential skill to be successful ” (Stokes, 2016). We have all made mistakes, I myself got up in 2011 after a great sin, but the absolution of the Priest (go, it is to sin no more), is what has reinvigorated more than anything else. Others prefer a pat on the back of a friend or a friend, everyone is free to choose. Everything always contributes to Good, so courage, get up and “break everything” in your sector! Even when the stateless and speculative finance seems to prevail, you are never alone. Even Islamic finance could intervene as a source of Justice, God is great, everywhere, therefore, resist and fear not. 

Fostering resilience in yourself is key, but hiring people who demonstrate a never give up mentality is an extremely important trait that is often overlooked in the hiring process. “When companies are looking to hire people, identifying resilience is probably one of the most overlooked skills, even though they are so significant. It's the basic ability that tells us whether this individual will actually turn out to be very successful. Resilient people do more because they refuse to give up” (Stokes, 2016).

So, dear entrepreneur, the time has come to recover. Working with a certified excellenceCOACH can help you reset and re-frame your mindset. Ask us to connect with a business excellence coach near you and request your first coaching session for excellence, innovation and growth, in your country and abroad.

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