Coaching is all about putting your customers in the right condition to:
1) dominate the marketplace they are interested in
2) a great life/work balance
3) a great health and energy daily status

These 3 areas can improve only if the entrepreneur or the leader has a coach at their side. That is scientifically proven by history, not only by Eric Schmidt (former Google CEO) and Bill Gates, but all history explain us about teachers, mentors, advisors etc… The coach is a level up on the previous levels, it's like a coach of Formula 1, of soccer, football, tennis, rugby, baseball, basketball, Nascar, etc.

The excellenceCOACH is a young guy, hyper skilled with the right degrees, MBA and various post university Think Tank Authorities studies, he or she has a Sport mindset and he/she has passion for driving and food/grocery excellence delivery.

Why also driving ability matter?
It is because the local level, street level is the a place where entrepreneurs/CEO/boards of direction/leaders pass the 68% of their time, for relax or work isn't important, that time can be the right time to receive a relaxing coaching session with a young friend that support your business, life or health.

Nobody can be so much specialized and focused on the 3 disciplines of business, life and health, that's why we have 3 types of coaches:
Business, Life, Health coaches.

How will we reach this target to create a network of coaches and CPAs that can make serious synergy to support a happier life for the value creators?

Our method is, CAR at the center of business, and the human beings we serve at the center of their own world.

CAR is still the #1 product that creates more freedom for anyone, not only it is a white weapon that allows us to optimize our time, but CAR itself define our lifestyle, above all the entrepreneurs lifestyle and in the future his/her results.

Yes, because technology will enable cars and fleet investments to generate more results, via dedicated apps, via new types of business services that will create a big difference from the past.

It's not about the Tesla Revolution, it's all about CAR itself, also thermal cars with their thermal engine with petrol, fuel or gasoline will create the future of our sons.

So, we will update here about what real evolution CAR can still do for a better and safer continuation of the world of business, with our Business Coaches and Drivers that will drive the right traffic, not only the Internet traffic with the right funnels, but also the off-line traffic, the local level, the grass root level nobody still seriously dominate (except the Police of course, HA!, thank you to all policemen and policewomen that fight illegal activities to maintain the order and for the entrepreneurs to remain free and independent in the value creation).

But, also our young guys as road warriors can help in optimizing the time entrepreneurs/CEO/Boards use inside cars and with all connected cars' ICT services that improve their lifestyle and ability to create more value.

We not only advise you to remain tuned, but if you are an entrepreneur we will offer you a tuned CAR services that enhance your lifestyle and results in the upcoming future 🙂

Our Coaches and Drivers will be trained even by Formula 1 Champions because we don't make compromises on quality, safety and innovation for our customers.